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We ThinK differently

It was a journey of extensive research and testing that led us to create one of the best sparkling wines, we created two amazing wines for the health-focused people who are interested in nothing but the best wine.

We set out to make a wine that was perfect not only in taste but right down to how we make it. We wanted a wine that was reduced in sugar and calories, vegan and organic but most important of all there had to be zero compromises on taste — and we nailed it!

ThinK wines are made with the finest Glera grapes, grown in a family-run vineyard in Treviso, Italy, it really is a beautiful place and it comes through in the wine. 

Above all, quality wine is what we are known for, all our customers are avid lovers of great tasting wine and Think delivers on this and all the added health benefits! 

A best in class Prosecco

We have launched what we believe is the best in class wines for health-conscious people, ThinK Prosecco and ThinK Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rose. Both of our wines are delicious, vegan and organic with reduced sugar and calories that will help you maintain your goals while enjoying life with amazing tasting wine. 

If you value great tasting wine, you have come to the right place to re – ThinK how you drink sparkling wine… ‘ only just that little bit better’


From Treviso with love:


We work exclusively with a highly regarded vegan and organic certified vineyard in the heart of Treviso, sun-ripened grapes kissed with beautiful rich soil create our reduced calorie sparkling wines; ThinK Prosecco and ThinK Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rosé – we challenge anyone to find a better-tasting wine with these amazing properties.

Vineyard Matters:

Great tasting wine has to respect its origin. We are passionate about the land where our grapes grow; Treviso is a city in northeastern Italy with many canals with battlements and vaulted arcades. The Fontana delle Tette is a 16th-century fountain that used to dispense wine, so we know that the land was made for growing the worlds best-tasting wine!

We use 100% renewable energy sources in the production of ThinK Wine. This we are so proud of; the ultimate celebration of nature and its produce.  Our Vineyard respects its environment, its rhythms and supporting nature. When you taste our wine, you will be instantly transported to the sunny slopes of Treviso and the warmth of the people that make it.

We ThinK deeply about our values



ThinK Wine is passionate about quality sparkling wines. In our relentless pursuit of perfection and quality, we make sure to continue to develop and create sophisticated products to the highest of standards.

Calories matter

We have created a wine that is reduced in sugar and calories. Many other Prosecco blends add sugar in the final stages of winemaking called the ‘dosage’ to make their wines more palatable. At ThinK we want our grapes to do the singing so we add significantly less to our final blend. As a result, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, fresher, more delicious, sparkling wine that is ‘that just bit better’! 

We’re totally vegan!

ThinK Wine is also proud to be 100% plant-based. The clarification process is what causes many wines to not be vegan friendly as they are clarified using animal products, whether that be fish innards animal proteins or egg whites. We use a protein extracted from green peas to achieve the beautiful clarify our wines display.



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